Windows Mobile Application

Windows Mobile Application Company

Our team of certified, trained and skilled developers has great experienced working on the Windows Phone platform. We deliver exclusive Windows application development services at highly affordable prices.

Windows is turning out to be one of the most preferred platforms for scalable and interactive mobile applications development. Its user-friendly features and intuitiveness allow it to deliver end-to-end services in mobile app development.

Owing to our unrivaled experience and expertise, we have helped enterprises to address various business challenges. We have also published/developed a host of Windows Phone applications, in order to meet the requirements of the shift to advanced Windows Phone version.

When it comes to choosing the best smartphone, most of contemporary people love to go with Windows Phones. Windows phones have been regarded as the most popular devices available in the global market to choose from. We at Maarqual have been using significant SDK for Windows Mobile Application Development, and have excelled it successfully.

We pride in our team of highly skilled and trained of our developers. They do everything they can to deliver a consumer-centered mobile app clutched with all of Windows' super features. The Windows Phone apps created by our experts make use of certain features including Live Tiles, Custom Notifications, In-App Purchasing, and Windows 8 UI as well as customized elements that fulfill application requirements.

With the increasing demand for Windows Mobile, we've also honed our capabilities and skills to match the industry's current trends. It is for this reason we have been able to build a grand fame name as a Window mobile application Development Company in Delhi. The professional developers employed at Maarqual are also experienced in migrating/porting Windows Mobile applications to the other platforms. We also offer application porting/migration services to other mobile platforms from Windows Mobile. Our developers are also competent enough in a wide selection of Windows mobile platforms such as Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 6.0, Windows CE, Pocket PC 2003, and others.

Technical Expertise for Windows Application Development

Mobile User Interface Design : Ability to develop user-friendly interface, simple and intuitive design, Interface customization, secure and fast loading ability.

Business Expertise : Our app developers use agile methodologies, prototype the business value as per the need of the clients, and develop bug-free application.

App Optimization : We optimize your window apps in terms of design and functionality for the best ranking and thereby increase downloads of your apps.

Our wide range of Windows Mobile Applications services include-

  • Business and productivity application
  • Social media application development
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Communication Application development
  • Utilities Applications development

Why choose our services?

Being an innovative Window mobile apps development company, we offer the following benefits to our clients:

  • High-end applications featuring advanced features
  • Flexible Windows app development platform
  • Re-usable technologies
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Low investment
  • Improved security

There is no doubt that the more platforms (OS) are covered the more individuals will be able to access them. Therefore, we not only deliver mobile app development services for different platforms but also cover our customers' cross-platform requirements. We guarantee to keep the applications' comparable feel & layout on various systems if they all have a single coding. We have a team of mobile application developers with distinct levels of expertise for this. We develop applications for you to sell your post in a direct way. This becomes really easy with the help of an app as you don't need to produce a niche message to reach a specific audience. You can do this with a generalized message.