Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Due to digitization, social media users has increased rapidly. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn has a vast number of users. The Social Media platforms are not only attracting individuals but the corporates and businesses where they can promote their brand/product, interact with their audience directly.

Social Media help companies to increase brand awareness to their target audience and at their preferred location. At Maarqual, we help companies to manage their social media channels by regular updates, increasing Likes and followers, designing social media campaigns.

Benefits of Social Media:

  • Client Relationship: Using social media platforms, businesses can communicate straight to their audience where they can communicate, receive their feedback, and manage complaints.
  • Brand Awareness and Loyalty: Social media involvement helps businesses boost brand consciousness, brand awareness, and client retention.
  • Lead Generation Source: Social media campaigns such as Facebook advertisements can assist businesses with a specified budget in generating the leads for their company.

We’re here to help your business grow with our SMM Services:

Develop Brand Awareness (Followers): Increasing your followers on social media will assist you to boost brand awareness and references. Our social media marketing services will assist you to boost your supporters with appropriate people. We assure that your followers suit your typical clients' demographics, concerns, and behaviors.

Build Relationships (Engagement): When you create a powerful link through engaging with your crowd, they are more probable to purchase from you. We'll assist you in boosting commitment (likes, remarks, etc.) on your social media posts. The more commitment you have, the greater your link with your crowd.

Increasing Website Exposure (Traffic):Increasing your website traffic will immediately affect leads and revenues. We will concentrate on creating social media marketing campaigns that drive elevated traffic quantities to your website. To boost conversions, we can add retargeting advertisements to remain in front of the latest website visitors.

Our Social Media Marketing Services include:

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing

The process:

Allot a Dedicated Social Media Manager to Your Account: Our clients will be assigned a dedicated social media manager to develop strategies and execute them. This person will learn their business and be the primary contact. Our clients will be able to communicate with social media manager daily via email or schedule a call at a time that is convenient for both the parties.

Develop a Social Media Strategy that meets Your Business Needs: The first stage that we will take with your campaign is to conduct studies and create strategies. We will perform a strategic assessment, create a buyer's image, and identify an efficient content approach. We will also create marketing policies and funnels for your initiative to demonstrate you the roadmap for achievement.

Develop Content Advertisements: Once you agree on the strategy we are developing, we will begin implementation. We will create content on social media and ads that are specific to your product. This content can be ready in a monthly content calendar for quality certainty. Before anything comes live, you will have a chance to check and approve.

Growth Optimization and Daily Maintenance: Our social media advertising facilities include day-to-day monitoring and optimization of development. We track all social media activities (posts, posts and assessments) and strive to react within 24 hours. We will also use organic strategies (hashtags, follow-up, competitions, etc.) to develop your channels.

Reporting and Communication: Your social media manager will create monthly accounts for you to check. You will also have access to our reporting tools 24/7 to monitor the advancement of your campaign at any moment. In terms of conferences, we can plan weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly conferences to discuss advancement.

Why choose Maarqual Social Media Marketing Services?

First, everything is run by you. We agree on approach mutually and you can support all deliverables. You will be prepared to operate with us in a seamless way that needs very little effort from your side. Our departments are supported by a strong degree of integrity and want to gain your confidence by offering excellent job. Spending your full budget on an organization is like purchasing a gas-free vehicle. We don't want you to charge us a heavy retention. We would rather charge us for the real price of the service and spend any extra money on paid ads. This will assist us, it will assist you.